Community Resilience Worker (37 hours / week)

UTASS is looking to appoint someone with a passion to help people as a Community Resilience Worker.

Youth Team Lead (12 hours / week)

UTASS is looking for a passionate, resourceful, and motivated person to lead our award-winning youth team.

For further information, including application forms please visit  www.utass.org/job-vacancies/

Job applications should be emailed to bob@utass.org

Please see News & Events for up to date information. 

If YOU would like to be a Parish Councillor please get in touch with the Parish Clerk  or with Durham County Council for the necessary papers. Only 2 weeks to register. 

Keep up with ongoing public consultations by going to the website. Durham.gov.uk. Have your say – it is important. 

Notice of Election
> Notice of Election 2021 – Click here for full details.